About us


There is a bit of Nina in each one of us, and we are all a little bit of The Wolf.  The most amazing thing you can do is to be, every single morning, your unpredictable self and choose whether you feel more like the dreamy Nina or like the mysterious Wolf.

It all started on one of those cold and rainy day in a little boutique bakery in London, when the two of us decided to meet in front of a delicious rose tea and the best flourless chocolate cake ever! While catching up on life, work and our latest travels, we decided that time had come to challenge ourselves with our very own adventure. Two young girls, born under the Italian sun, with a passion for travels, a love for life and all crazy things, made the perfect ingredients for a conversation that ended with: “ I don’t want to be just one woman… what if I want to be classy yet untamed…display my hidden wild side…like a wolf…beautiful yet wild”.

We want to embrace all the sides a woman could have: the romantic and the provocative, the sweet and the sour, the delicate and the fierce all in one place, in one brand, in one amazing woman.



Since 2015 Nina and The Wolf is proud to be between the selected brands represented by COOL HUNTER Italy, which is the first company working for the entrepreneurial development of young fashion designers “Made in Italy”.