Basilico Top

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Discover our Basilico Cropped Top, a stunning turquoise summery top that leaves your back to show! We are literally addicted to it!!!


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Melissa Turquoise Set

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Following the success of our Black Melissa Set, this turquoise twin is set up for success!  The Melissa Turquoise Set is the perfect piece for this summer: giving you the right mix of quirkiness and retro style.  Continue reading

Salvia Turquoise Bodysuit

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Nina and The Wolf is thrilled to introduce you to its new collection: Tortuga.

Following the more seductive “On The Hunt”, Nina is ready to follow her Wolf side with this summery and fresh take on this beautiful Italian lace.

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Cumino Black

cumino header


One of our best sellers, the Cumino Bodysuit, just turned Black and it looks stunning! The new colour gives this Classic look a whole new strength, and best of all, now you can really decide whether you want to be Nina or The Wolf…

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Sambuco Bodysuit

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Stay still, don’t move, I promise the hunt is almost over and that soon you will be feeling my skin under your finger tips. Just keep your eyes on me a little longer and enjoy my every move…

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