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Size matters!

size matters


Only fishermen in regards to the size of the fish they have caught and the French when talking about the importance of France, can alter reality as much as a woman that has to unveil her measurements. How many times in front of a “I weight 50kg” or “ I have a 32B” we would have loved to answer respectively  “yeah, in which crazy numerical system” or “32B?! is that a play in battleship?!”.

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What is What?!




Ok let’s admit it, for a guy, going shopping with his girlfriend comes right before cholera and right after a derby lost at the last minute on the scale of the tragic episodes in life. There is, however, an exception (more theoretical than practical as we will soon find out): going shopping for lingerie.

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Ready for our BF’s Guide to lingerie?

BF guide vale


Ok let’s admit it, as a girl, seeing a guy in a lingerie boutique is quite a fun experience. Almost like a deer in headlights, the rare specimen of the “homus lingerie” is completely lost in front of lacy garments and frilly bottoms. And just when you think he couldn’t be more confused, here comes the sales assistant with the million dollar questions: “what size? what design?”… and that was the last time the “homus lingerie” was ever to be seen.

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