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Top 5 bays we visited in Ionian Islands


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Well yes, we are all – or nearly – back to our daily routine and missing the summer vibe and late mornings in bed…O U C H

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Le Bar Américain – Monte Carlo


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Where: Hotel de Paris, Monte Carlo

What: A cool low-key bar with live jazz and cocktails to suit every taste bud.

Monte Carlo lives up to and exceeds the expectation of glamour, glitz and gossip. It truly is a toy-town for the rich and famous with its fast cars, beautiful women and plethora of flashy bars and restaurants.

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Our top 5 places in Beijing!

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We have recently been to Beijing for an amazing four days and we have without any doubt picked our five favourite spots in the city.. well it’s actually six but hey!! Check them out and be sure to have them in your bucket list next time you visit Beijing!

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Papabubble – Amsterdam

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Where: Staalstraat 16, Amsterdam

What: Candy, candy and even more candy

Hansel and Gretel discovering the house made of candy must have had the same look I had on my face when I stopped in front of Papabubble’s window: the “OHBOYTHISISSOCOOL” look.

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Tianzifang – China

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Where: Tianzifang, Old French quarter  – Shanghai

What:  Architecturally fascinating / Artsy / Foodie heaven

To look back at my 3 month stay in Shanghai and bring up one place that somehow occupied a place in my heart I can’t look pass Tianzifang- An amazing place that is hidden in old French Quarter, offering architectural and environmental beauty in every corner.

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