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Cumino Black

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One of our best sellers, the Cumino Bodysuit, just turned Black and it looks stunning! The new colour gives this Classic look a whole new strength, and best of all, now you can really decide whether you want to be Nina or The Wolf…

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Sambuco Bodysuit

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Stay still, don’t move, I promise the hunt is almost over and that soon you will be feeling my skin under your finger tips. Just keep your eyes on me a little longer and enjoy my every move…

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Mirto Set

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He is getting home soon, I am counting the minutes until I hear his car getting in the driveway. My blood is pulsing my make up is ready… let the hunt begin.


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Bergamotto Top

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Seducing a man starts even before he is in the room… from the moment you pick your lingerie,  to the outfit you chose to wear, all the way to the fixing of your make up. I can see my wildest side coming out more and more at each and every step…

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Sambuco Slip

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My mind gets blurry, every time my eyes lock together with yours… All I can think of is the feeling of your fingers running down my back…

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