Noctis Lux

“It’s all in a matter of minutes, the moments from darkness to the first lights in the morning”


 Darkness envelops the totality of nature, with only the light from the moon bringing to life the silhouette of a mysterious wolf. A few minutes pass and the light breaks the sky…and there is Nina. The soft light in those first ours, the morning dew on the emerald green grass, and a slight morning fog that embraces every leaf rock and tree, making everything look glossy like emerald silk.

With this new collection the brand goes back to it’s roots, creating a clear distinction between its two souls: Nina, and The Wolf.

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  • Myrica suspender bra- Noctis Lux-Nina and The Wolf_MGR_7206
  • Myrica Sports bra-Noctis Lux-Nina and The Wolf_MGR_7296
  • Myrica sports bra back- Noctis Lux-Nina and The Wolf_MGR_7485
  • Dionea Bodysuit- Noctis Lux-Nina and The Wolf_MGR_7600
  • Dionea Bodysuit- Noctis Lux-Nina and The Wolf_MGR_7743
  • LR MGR_7776
  • Myrica Suspender Bra-Noctis Lux-Nina and The Wolf_MGR_7159
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  • Erika bra- Noctis Lux-Nina and The Wolf_MGR_8099
  • Erika Set- Noctis Lux-Nina and The Wolf_MGR_8077
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  • Iris Slip Dress - Noctis Lux-Nina and The Wolf_MGR_7801
  • Myrica sports bra -Noctis Lux-Nina and The Wolf_MGR_7449
  • Alloro PJ-Noctis Lux-Nina and The Wolf_MGR_7946
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